Our divisions

Our divisions


Headquarters - Spare parts Division

Spare parts Division, manufactures and deals with full range of agro-industrial products; high level of knowledge and a very good technical team support our customers in a correct choice for a proper elevator engineering, or its optimization. Thanks to this knowledge it is possible to provide the most suitable components for any specific application keeping in due consideration the economical aspect. The internal moulding department assures quick deliveries and production elasticity to reply much more better to different needs of our customers.


Conveyor Division

Conveyor Division is specialized in continuous transport systems and particular application for special products handling. Our technical staff offers a technical support to solve transport problems studying which are the best components to optimize the result saving costs.


Zeolithe Division

Zeolithe Division , the main deal is with zeolithe used for food feed, agricultural field and water treatments.
VERDI extracts its zeolithe in the Centre of Italy, the production process consists in drying and removing all powder for raw material. This particular process, completely automatic, is made in Castel giorgio where are respected the maximum levels of controls, security and environment respect. Thanks to these activities, Verdi zeolithe is certified GMP plus.
Moreover, the deposit has been constantly checked with analysis from Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, which periodically sample the material dealed with too.

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