Natural Zeolites

Group of minerals consisting of 52 mineralogical species chemically defined as “alumino-silicate hydrates of alkali and/or alkali-earthy” (essentially Na, K and Ca). Also called "molecular sieves", the zeolites have internal cavities of such dimensions as to adsorb like sponges: NH4+, heavy metals and radioactive elements.

The chemical and physical properties of zeolite can be summarized in:

  1. Selective cation exchange capacity
  2. Reversible dehydration
  3. Structural crypto porosity
  4. Water retention
  5. Mechanical strength
  6. Permeability
  7. Low density

Their applications associated to the wide availability and low cost are the basis of established and profitable use in:

  1. Animal nutrition
  2. Civil and industrial waste water treatment
  3. Agriculture, greenhouses and open field
And also:
  1. Bacterial support
  2. Building sector
  3. Aquariology

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